IMAP Storage Filesystem v0.0.4a

2007 Xuan Luo
xuanluo at ocf dot berkeley dot edu

Note: My project is old and has a lot of unresolved issues and design problems. Please don't try to use it in any production applications. I do not foresee updating it any further. I hope someone will come along and make a better one.

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Implementation information

Build instructions

Run instructions

./ /mount/point imap[s]://user:pass@host[:port]/rootmailbox
NOTE: Currently, due to bugs in FUSE-J, the filesystem will only work in foreground mode, and not in daemon mode. The mount script has been hard-coded to mount the filesystem in foreground mode ("-f" option). That means that once you mount it, the program will continue running and print debug messages. Please leave this program running (do not terminate it), and use another shell session to use the filesystem. Once you unmount the filesystem ("fusermount -u <mountpoint>"), the program printing the debug messages will exit.\

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